Free Digital Distribution for Your Music

Are You a Musician Looking for Free Digital Distribution?

Are you sick of expensive digital distributors?


We used TuneCore for a year and a half and spent $150 for 2 albums. Now, we are not bashing TuneCore’s services by any means, we just want to let people know that there are FREE alternatives available.

We found a great digital distribution service based out of the UK and they have a free plan that we have been using instead of TuneCore.

They distribute to all of the major stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, etc. It is great because we can catalogue all of our music on iTunes etc. for free and don’t have to worry about yearly fees! They have great customer service as well.

So yeah we are singing their praises so check them out and if you decide to sign up for a FREE account let them know that we sent you by entering our referral code: 726fce6e at the bottom of the page during registration.

Here’s the link:

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

GMS Records Canada 


P.S. Here are the albums that we have distributed with them:



The Melbourne’s:

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